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Uniquely Newport Package – Rail & Sail

August 8, 2017

Explore the sea and historic railroads with 12 Meter Charters’ NEW Uniquely Newport Rail and Sail Package!

12 Meter Charters has paired up with Rail Explorers to give you an exciting look at Newport’s exceptional land and sea.  Enjoy an exclusive experience of the beautiful outdoors in a safe and either relaxed or active way.


The pedal powered rail explorer vehicles come equipped with hydraulic brakes and pedals for each seat. Even though you must pedal, this ride is hands free and on a set track so riders can have the freedom to get distracted by the scenery, take pictures and record videos as they travel. Two types of explorers are available to choose from. The Quad features four seats and four sets of pedals. With the Quad, there’s no need for everyone to pedal. Share the exercise back and forth or put two people to work while you get a free ride. The Quad would be a great choice for families and groups of friends. The Rail Explorers also have the Tandem. The Tandem has two seats with two sets of pedals for the romantic pair or dynamic duo! Want to explore the rails alone? There is still an option for you. VIP seating is available in the form of single rider seats either in the first or last Tandem explorer alongside a tour guide! What better way to take in the sights than with a personal guide to tell you their history?

Choose from two scenic tours throughout picturesque Aquidneck Island and Narragansett Bay. Go north on a six mile historic railroad and you will see Portsmouth and the Sakonett river. Go south and enjoy a snack at the waterfront park area before riding back to the station through the woods. Each ride takes approximately sixty minutes and features a shuttle back to the train station where you began after your tour is complete. There is no need to feel rushed when pedaling to keep up with the group. Stay cabled to your friend’s and family’s rail explorers and enjoy the privacy of up to two hundred feet between your party and other explorers. Everyone can relax and be a spectator at their own pace.

Much like the Rail Explorers, 12 Meter Charters gives you the option of a relaxing or athletic ride. Feel free to lounge back on the deck of one of our America’s Cup yachts and enjoy the ocean view or join our crew in raising the sails and helping sail the America’s Cup contender! You can also choose your journey in the form of a two hour tour through Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay or a three hour race experience!

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Let the team at 12 Meter Charters take care of all your arrangements for a day of adventures! You won’t find anywhere else in the United States where you can explore the rails and join an America’s Cup sail in the same day. Book both voyages online or by calling (401) 851-1216 to speak with a representative today.

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