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Boatyard Update: Heritage is Launched and Ready to Sail

April 30, 2015

Yesterday, Heritage was launched for her 45th year of sailing in Newport, RI!  After a cold winter in the boatyard, US 23 went in the water at Bristol Marine in Somerset, Massachusetts.  She looks stunning this season and is back to her original bottom color, sleek black.  Heritage will be arriving in the city-by-the-sea later this week and the 12 Meter Charters‘ team can’t wait to welcome you aboard.  Let’s go sailing in Newport, RI!

Heritage Launching 2015

Heritage Launching 2015

Heritage, launched and ready for sailing

Heritage, launched and ready for sailing!

Heritage is 63 feet long, can accommodate up to 18 guests and is ready for sailing in Newport, RI. If you are looking for a unique wedding party outing or fun team building activity, 12 Meter Charters offer customized charters that perfect for private parties and corporate events!  Contact 12 Meter Charters for more information.



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